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We model our songwriting and playing through the geniuses of rock & roll. We are influenced through the likes of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Phish, Radiohead, Iron Maiden, and many more.

It's hard to explain just how exactly our own music sounds, but if you understand our politics of counter-commercialism of music, and our bitter disgust of the development and direction of new rock and roll, and if you understand our influences, I think you might get an idea. In the end, I just call it Progressive Semi-Heavy Blues Folk Rock.

but if you wanna hear some of these tunes - i just recommend you go to our website or try to see us live.

We all live in Columbia, and we all attend Mizzou. We have been jamming for more than two years, and we have a lot of original material to show for it. WE all basically love playing music and appreciate the power music has on the soul. Please feel free to chat with me about music, gigs, and other stuff.